Botswana first cardiac pacemaker surgery a success

In addition, Botswana's main referral hospital has performed its first trans-oesophageal echocardiogram.
Speaking at a press conference last Wednesday, Dr Mololekwa said these achievements were the result of a maturing cardiac centre of excellence that PMH had pioneered over the last two years, with the support of a Mauritian open-heart surgery team led by Professor Sunil Gunness.

Dr Molelekwa noted that Professor Gunness had saved many lives in Botswana. "Since the inception of our programme, we have lost a total of three patients, one from the investigations and two as a result of the heart operations themselves," he said.

He emphasised that no one died during the series of tests that were performed from Friday to Sunday at PMH last week. "To-date, Princess Marina boasts of having conducted 21 open heart surgeries, 64 coronary angiograms and 266 echocardiograms," he said.

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